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Livestream gigs from Martin's living room, Main Street, Invergordon

Join Martin & Anna for another Lockdown online gig this Saturday & Sunday the 20th & 21st of February @ 8pm, live from his living room in the Highlands to wherever you fancy watching from! Enjoy a warm, intimate, friendly and fun atmosphere and I know for certain that Martin enjoys them as much as we do. These gigs are free-to-view via Martin's personal Facebook page here: facebook.com/mgstephenson - simply head there just before showtime and the live video will appear on his page. It has been a tough year for everyone but for hard-working, independent musicians who rely on their gigs and merch sales it's been catastrophic. You can support Martin with a few coins in the tip jar on the night here: paypal.me/daintees Or you could download something from Martin's huge back-catalogue or buy CDs, Vinyl and other great merch direct from his Bandcamp page here: daintees.bandcamp.com Here's his Twitter if you want to follow him there: https://twitter.com/MGStephenson Please subscribe to The Daintees TV channel on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDXQD9JnCG238Z3m_j0XnYQ And the official Daintees website is here: daintees.co.uk