Howdy Honcho

New Daintees Album

New Daintee’s album:  Howdy Honcho

Sleeve design by Phoebe Stephenson

Will now be available as a pre-order only on both cd & vinyl from 8am tomorrow morning, which is ‘Bandcamp Friday’ being the first Friday in June, where Bandcamp waive their taxes on musicians for 24 hours, this has been a huge help to the musical community throughout the lockdown.

This is a corker of an album and to support it we shot a wee fun video of one of the tracks ‘Harmonica Man’ recently with a few friends

The album features Dunn Brothers and Chris Mordey, Charlie Smith drumming and also Spider McKenzie the ace harmonica man to which the song and video are dedicated to, it also features Bruce Michie on Sax and Anna Lavigne and Angie McLaughlin on backing vocals

Some killer songs on this long awaited album featuring some titles here

Witches Ride, Harmonica Man, Punks of Harajuku, Wild Red Rose and Tides, but we want to keep the rest a secret and a nice surprise when it reaches you, it’s a class album x

We will be making one of the songs free as a download with the pre-order



Howdy & Hatty Honcho prints available signed & numbered


These rare and beautiful prints done personally for Martin by his daughter Phoebe

Stunning work and textures, the full colour prints measure in at six by eight and a half inches

The sepia style black and white measure in at five and a half inches by eight inches


Howdy Honcho is the front cover character of the new Daintees album

These are very rare and currently only 10/10. £35 + P&P


Hatty Honcho is obviously Howdy’s banjo picking wife, better her picking the banjo than picking on him ;-)

These are very rare and currently only 10/10.  £35 + P&P


Howdy Honcho cheaper colour print. £20.  + P&P

Hatty Honcho cheaper colour print. £20. + P&P