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Martin Stephenson: Ram Gtr/Lead Vocal
Anna Lavigne: Female Vocal
Gary Dunn: Electric Lead Guitar
Anth Dunn: Electric Bass Guitar
Charlie Smith: Drumming
Liam Fender: Keyboards
Tony Stephenson: Strings/Backing Vocal


Sweet September Rain

The sweet September rain, falls gently on the lake
In early morning light, slight ripples it does make
Our hearts reach out to seek the present inner child
And kiss within the sweet September rain

The wind it gently blows, to free each bobbing rose
And time it all stands still, we hold in awesome thrill
For every moment we are blessed beyond belief
And make love within the sweet September rain

Real love, brings us home
Yes real love brings us home
To rise above the game, and live without shame
We breathe in the sweet September rain

Written: Stephenson/Lavigne ©