Departed Family Members: John George Stephenson

This is my uncle John George Stephenson, This fine boy never saw 17, he caught his arm climbing a fence and died of blood poisoning at home which took almost a year, if only they had simple penicillin back then, JG could have reached a ripe old age

My Dad Alfred Stephenson, born 17 Januar 1931, never got over losing his elder brother, I would guess JG was born around 1925, he was the musician of the family and also helped out at the Carlton picture house near Brady Square, I have carried JG with me all of my life and have always felt his guidance and love of music.

This beautiful sketch was taken from the only picture that exists of JG by my good friend Pete Sheilds, an ex miner, geordie who'd family migrated to Worksop when he was 7

Thanks for the lovely sketch Pete