Boys Heart 30

This September I went down to Newcastle and record with the Dunn brothers at Blank Studios, we invited 20 yo drummer Charlies Smith to join us

Charlie is the grandson of our original drummer Paul Smith who played on the original Boat to Bolivia, Gladsome Humour & Blue and The Boy's Heart

So this was a very special moment for Charlie to follow in the footsteps of his grandad Paul, Paul actually came down to support Charlie, it was a lovely reunion for us all and the recordings are ace, engineer John Martindale at the helm, recorded things beautifully, we have chosen to have our engineer in Edinburgh, Mr Mark Lough to mix this record and two trax have been done which are Neon Skies and We Can Roll.

We have taken a break for a month or so due to projects I am committed to one being my partner Anna Lavigne's first solo offering Angels in sand shoes, which is also being mixed by Mark Lough and is almost done

As soon as this is done we will be back to mixing Boys Heart 30

You can hear a preview of Neon Skies here