Big Sky EP and Boys Heart 30 on their way ***

Thats 9 mixes completed so far for our upcoming Boys Heart 30 anniversary album, it's sounding beautiful, excellent work by engineers John Martindale and Mark Lough, some awesome guitar by Gary Dunn, from late night New York jazz to full tilt punk and new wave, bloody great player, Anth Dunn grooving on the bass with some beautiful touches and drummer Charlie Smith (grandson of original drummer Paul Smith) you couldn't write the script eh?  also our guest the lovely Anna Lavigne with some beautiful understated ethereality for backing vocals, and special guest Bruce Michie.

There's only a couple of mixes to go and we should be ready for ourJan 29th release date, where this album will be available as a pre-order

Also the track Big Sky New Light will appear on a free 4 track EP which will also feature 'We are storm' from Sal 30 album, 'The Joy you give' from 'Pink Tank album and as a special track 'Dance the last goodbye' from the new Anna Lavigne solo project 'Angels in sandshoes....

These are four very special albums to emerge on the Barbaraville label of late and we will be using the 4 track EP to promote them

Keep an eye out 


Martin xxx